National Rejoin March

Saturday 23 September 2023

Be there on the Road to Rejoin

We will gather at the 7th July Memorial from about 12 noon

The March is due to start at about 13:00

and will arrive in Parliament Square by about 15:00

where the Rally will hear from this amazing range of Speakers


Tonbridge to London BridgeDepart   11:20 Arrive   11:57
Meet at Sevenoaks Station  from      11:15
Sevenoaks to London BridgeDepart   11:31 Arrive   11:57
London Bridge to Green ParkJubilee Line
Green Park to 7th July Memorial15mins walk

Several other routes are possible and you may prefer one of them.

But the 7th July Memorial is about a 5 minute walk from Hyde Park Corner Tube,

15 mins walk from Green Park Tube and a 35 min walk from Charing Cross Station

There are buses that run from Charing Cross although itis possible that they may be disrupted if the crowds are great. 

For the return journey, Parliament Square  is about 15 minutes walk from Charing Cross Station or  25 minutes from Waterloo East

New Union, New Name.

West Kent European Movement (WKEM)  was established as a branch of the European Movement UK many decades ago.
SSTIE – Sevenoaks Swanley & Tonbridge in Europe was established in 2017 following the 2016 Referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU. It became affiliated with the European Movement UK soon afterwards.
The two groups remained separate despite them both being part of the EM family, and despite them both covering broadly the same geographical areas.
They have had the same aims and objectives but slightly different operating styles.  Like many campaigning organisations both groups went very quiet during the pandemic.
But other groups have woken up and are now back out in the big wide world again, and it is probably time that we joined them.
With a view to moving this forward we have taken a number of steps and made some changes.

  • WKEM and SSTIE have merged into a single organisation – West Kent for Europe.
  • and we have a new logo.
  • We now cover the constituencies of Sevenoaks & Swanley and Tonbridge & Malling (as we did before), and we have added Tunbridge Wells (where TWIN is sadly no longer active) and also Dartford (which has had no EM local group).

We are signing up to the EM Membership System. Other EM local groups that have done so have found that there are significant numbers of EM member who were not known to them. We hope that this will also be the case in West Kent.
These EM members that we do not yet have contact with will not of course receive this email, but we will contact them soon.

Brexit Benefit Myths

But first – a Brexit Benefit – a real one.
A couple of weeks ago in Calais on the way back to Sevenoaks. I was buying wine (in the knowledge that duty free limits were back) and I discovered that I could reclaim the French VAT on my purchase.
Yes, Terms & Conditions apply, and it wasn’t entirely straightforward, but my VAT refund was on my credit card account within a week.

But Yorkshire Bylines says that the government and its supporters are beginning to claim ‘benefits’ of being outside the European Union some of which were always available to EU member states or, in other cases, are not benefits at all.
And it lists (and will continue to list) examples of these mythical benefits.

Read about these myths in Yorkshire Bylines

There are things happening out there…

Next week, the Government’s dangerous Elections Bill will be back in Parliament.

The bill sets out plans to spend up to £20 million extra per election to demand photo ID at polling stations.  

With millions of people lacking the right paperwork, these expensive plans could disenfranchise over two million voters according to the government’s own figures.

Far from improving our elections, this bill will drive a bulldozer through our democracy – it’s a dangerous policy that must be stopped.

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From Brexit to the Future… and other things

It has been a while…
But there has been a great deal going on in various areas – both in terms of UK and local politics and, in a lower key, discussion as to where various organisations like the European Movement, and more particularly groups such as SSTIE, which are associated with it, should focus in the future. Discussions on how and perhaps even if we should be campaigning, and indeed what exactly should the aims of those campaigns be.

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