Brexit Benefit Myths

But first – a Brexit Benefit – a real one.
A couple of weeks ago in Calais on the way back to Sevenoaks. I was buying wine (in the knowledge that duty free limits were back) and I discovered that I could reclaim the French VAT on my purchase.
Yes, Terms & Conditions apply, and it wasn’t entirely straightforward, but my VAT refund was on my credit card account within a week.

But Yorkshire Bylines says that the government and its supporters are beginning to claim ‘benefits’ of being outside the European Union some of which were always available to EU member states or, in other cases, are not benefits at all.
And it lists (and will continue to list) examples of these mythical benefits.

Read about these myths in Yorkshire Bylines

There are things happening out there…

Next week, the Government’s dangerous Elections Bill will be back in Parliament.

The bill sets out plans to spend up to £20 million extra per election to demand photo ID at polling stations.  

With millions of people lacking the right paperwork, these expensive plans could disenfranchise over two million voters according to the government’s own figures.

Far from improving our elections, this bill will drive a bulldozer through our democracy – it’s a dangerous policy that must be stopped.

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From Brexit to the Future… and other things

It has been a while…
But there has been a great deal going on in various areas – both in terms of UK and local politics and, in a lower key, discussion as to where various organisations like the European Movement, and more particularly groups such as SSTIE, which are associated with it, should focus in the future. Discussions on how and perhaps even if we should be campaigning, and indeed what exactly should the aims of those campaigns be.

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Three things for you to do…….

Open Britain is calling for a citizens’ assembly on electoral reform.
You can sign their petition Open Britain Citizens’ Assembly .

Unsurprisingly most of our members and supporters are from round Sevenoaks, Swanley and Tonbridge.
Here are two items that are local to that area.

Would you like us to achieve “NET ZERO” emissions in Sevenoaks and the surrounding areas?

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So – How is 2021 going so far?

We are watching with horror how it is in Washington.

And we are keeping an eye how it is in the UK where many are expressing surprise at the increasing number of comments along the lines of “We didn’t realise it would affect that”. At the moment these comments are mainly in relation to the end of the transition period. But read the openDemocracy article linked below.

Many of the problems from leaving the EU were foreseen (although too often it seems that little or nothing was done to deal with them) whilst in other instances it seems clear that some of the difficulties had not been anticipated.

On 24 December, in announcing the deal with the EU Mr Johnson said  “And there will be no non-tariff barriers to trade”. Anyone involved in trade between the UK and the EU will, once they have stopped laughing, or crying, tell you that this statement is wholly untrue.

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