“It’s an awful mess” say Tonbridge shoppers

On Saturday 21 July Sevenoaks & Swanley Together in Europe (SSTIE) campaigned for a People’s Vote in Tonbridge High Street along with pro-EU  activists from Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells (TW-IN).

Hundreds of leaflets with a link to the petition demanding a People’s Vote were accepted, 73 Tonbridge shoppers signed a paper copy of the petition and 245 expressed their opinion on the SSTIE Brexitometer board.

SSTIE’s survey shows that 85% of Tonbridge shoppers who took part in the survey want a People’s Vote and as shown in the attached photo it is clear that Remainers and a sizeable proportion of Brexiters want a say on the final deal. Of the 22% who think that things will be better after Brexit about one third still want there to be a People’s Vote on the final deal. So some Leavers also want that final say.

78% of those giving their views thought that after Brexit things would be worse – 69% saying much worse.

And in a constituency that voted 56% to Leave only 20% think it will be better for them and their families.

The comment that we heard most this time was that the whole thing is an awful mess with nobody, from the Government to the people we were talking to in the street, having any real idea of what was going on.

People want it sorted out with many (on both sides) feeling betrayed and it seems that respect for politicians of all colours is at rock bottom. Given the failure of Government and Parliament to provide a lead to the electorate the only way forward must be to have a People’s Vote.  

The Brexiters must not be allowed to steal our futures, and the futures of our children and grandchildren.