Brexitometer in Tunbridge Wells

On Saturday 26 May, 310 shoppers in Calverley Road in Tunbridge Wells shared their thoughts on the impact of Brexit going ahead.

We asked them whether they thought things would be better if Brexit happened, or worse. And this is what they said:

  • 76% said it would be worse (with 67% saying much worse)
  • 24% said it would be better ((with 18% saying much better)

In 2016 Tunbridge Wells voted Remain by 55% to 45%, yet today 76% of the people we spoke to thought that if Brexit happens many things will be worse (vs 24% who thought they would be better).

So what would the “will of the people” be today or tomorrow, or in 5 years There is nothing special about any particular moment in time.

We wanted people to think about what Brexit would mean for them, for their families, for the NHS and social care, for our jobs, for trade – businesses, prices, availability of goods and of our food – and they said loud and clear that they thought it would be worse for all of these.

So why is it going ahead?

Don’t let the Brexiters steal your future, and the future of your children and grandchildren.

Do whatever you can to stop this madness.

We also asked if people wanted a final say and again 76% of the people we talked to said YES.

180526 TWells results.xlsx – Sheet1 (1)

Shoppers in Tunbridge Wells share their thoughts on Brexit
Brexitometer of opinion in Tunbridge Wells. Participants placed a sticker to indicate whether they thought each of five subjects would be worse or better off after Brexit