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Democracy is not just about voting for any one political party and letting them get on with it. Democracy thrives on public participation, and there are many ways that ordinary people can get involved in the issues covered on this website.


Our organisation is run by volunteers and financed by subscriptions and donations from members and supporters, so the more of us there are, the more we can achieve.

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Have Your Say

Most of the articles on this website allow you to post comments, so please let us know what you think of the topics we are covering by making use of this feature. You can also follow our activity on facebook and twitter to join the discussions there.

Write Your MP

Your MP is your representative in Parliament, and you can write to them on any matters that concern you.
Their contact details should be available via your local district council, but you can also contact them via Write to Them a web service that uses your postcode to get your message to your local politicians and councilors:
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The Open Britain campaign with which we are affiliated also has a standard letter that you can sign and send to your MP:
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Write to the PAPERS

Newspapers thrive on well-written letters, so if you have gift for writing or strong opinions to express, then do so in an email and send it to the editor of the newspaper of your choice. If published, this will give you a far greater audience than commenting on an online article.


The BBC programme Question Time travels the country with its topical news show matching MPs and prominent commentator with local audiences. Its next stop in Kent will be in Maidstone on April 6th. Click here to apply to join the audience:
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Want to do more? Please contact us and let us know you are willing to work as a volunteer, and what skills you have. It doesn’t matter how much time you can offer or how often, as we have lots small tasks and occasional projects we need help with.
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