Growing momentum for a People’s Vote in Sevenoaks

On Saturday 8th September 2018 SSTIE joined forces with the local Liberal
Democrats group with a focus on collecting signatures for a People’s Vote.
Well over a 100 signatures were obtained in 2 hours and a ballot box on the Final Say gave the following result :

  • 11 people favoured “Hard Brexit / No Deal”
  • 1 person favoured the “Chequers Plan”
  • 82 people favoured “Stay and reform Europe”
  • 2 people opted for “Don’t know / No vote”

Lots of younger people were keen to place their stickers for “stay in Europe.” A few younger people said they weren’t bothered, and one said
she’d vote out again because she had done so at the referendum.

It seemed that more people were supportive of volunteers in the sense of
saying things like “well done” and “keep up the good work”.

More people were prepared to listen and this is something we have become aware of in our recent campaigns; some people couldn’t wait to
sign the petition.

There was a much more positive feeling in Sevenoaks as people came to
us, with no need to approach them, saying things like:

  • “Are you for a People’s Vote? Where can I sign”;
  • “ I am passionate about this”

As always , quite a few adamant older leavers were keen to stand and
argue their case for leaving and nothing will change their view.