Joint SSTIE and T&M4EU campaign finds great interest in the European Parliament elections in Tonbridge

Saturday 18th May in Tonbridge

No sooner had we set up our stall at Botany in Tonbridge (see attached photo) than along came the Brexit Party with balloons for youngsters in buggies.

However, despite the close proximity we managed to coexist in the same general area. Our volunteers, consisting of SSTIE and T&M people, found that there was a very positive reaction to our campaigning with many people pleased that we were out making the case to vote for Remain Parties.

Overall people were very receptive, with many saying they had already voted by post. Nearly 1000 leaflets were accepted by Tonbridge  shoppers and this gives an indication of the interest in Thursday’s election.

As always there were a number of “No Thanks. I am alright” and “Not interested”; and those who totally ignore us.