Newsletter August 2017

Cooperation between South East Remain Groups

On the 12 August SSTIE ran a Workshop in Sevenoaks which drew representatives of 14 Remain groups from Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Essex and Hertfordshire.  We had expected 25 participants and were delighted that more than that turned up. This is most unusual for an event like this and demonstrates just how many like-minded people there are around.

There were 9 SSTIE members present and 18 representatives from as far afield as Brighton, Seahaven, Canterbury, St Albans, Essex and even Port Talbot.

The objective of the Workshop was to establish cooperation across the Remain Groups in the Southeast (there are over 100 of them) so as to coordinate our Pro-Remain messages and get them out to the public at large.

Some of the groups are very active and busy, with many activities and events held and planned.  Go to our website and have a look at the events and then go and support one – or more – of them.

This was a very successful meeting which has laid the ground work for future cooperation and has crystallised what SSTIE and all the other groups need to do in the weeks and months ahead.

A report from the Workshop has been sent to participants, to those who couldn’t come and to SSTIE members and supporters. It is also available on the SSTIE website


Recent polls show that in answer to the question “If the Referendum was held today how would you vote?” 54% are now saying REMAIN, and that this is on an upward trend.


We are committed to take our campaign to specific parts of Swanley which was a majority Leave voting area when this figure approaches 60% but we may have to do this earlier than that as our campaigning focus has been sharpened as a result of the Workshop on the 12 August when the view was that our focus should shift to “soft leavers” and Remainers who may be slipping.


We are now only about 14 months away from the point when the Government will need to wrap up the negotiations with the EU and present “the deal” to parliament. We therefore need to work as hard and as effectively as possible through these remaining months in order to influence public opinion.


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Campaigning Events                   put these dates in your diary now


Saturday 2 Sept         Open Britain Day of Action

This is being held in conjunction with the Open Britain and we will be leafleting in Sevenoaks town centre.

You can find more details HERE


Party conferences campaign                                                       September/October


Sunday 17 September – LibDem Party Conference – Bournemouth

Sunday 24 September – Labour Party Conference – Brighton

Sunday 1 October – Tory Party Conference – Manchester


These campaigns include marches, rallies and other events


SSTIE invites all of its members and supporters to take part in these Pro Remain demonstrations. We are looking at arranging transport to these events so keep an eye on the SSTIE website


Saturday 21 October                                           Turning Remainers into Campaigners


Training Workshop at the Sevenoaks Community Centre


The Workshop will include:

Getting the message out – communicating with the public – lobbying your MP

Capacity Building – effective use of social media

Managing conflicts between members – supporting other groups,


Come and learn new campaigning skills – refresh old ones – and help to build and maintain the momentum that we need in order to STOP BREXIT.


We are promoting this across the Southeast so we anticipate serious demand for the limited number of places.


Information on how to reserves your place will be on our website very soon.


There will be a small charge to cover the cost of refreshments, a light lunch and to contribute to the costs.


The Workshop is sponsored jointly with the West Kent European Movement


April 2018     Lecture by Professor A C Grayling in Sevenoaks


More details of this soon.




At every opportunity that presents itself, for example The European Movement or Open Britain, we intend to campaign in the constituency.

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Members and Subscribers


SSTIE has 24 members and 33 supporters.                        St Albans has 800!

Population of Sevenoaks District 114,000.                               of St Albans 140,000


Sevenoaks needs to do a lot better because there is no doubt that there are many Remainers in our area. Numbers are important for our message to be heard loudly and clearly.


We need more members:

Tell your family and friends about us; suggest that they join up. If very member recruits one new member and we do the same again in a few months time we will be making good progress. And remember the sub is only £10.


To join go to and fill in a few details.


Are you a supporter?  Why not sign up as a member?


Volunteers are needed too:

Many of you have skills that we badly need. Tell us what you can (and would like to) do and we can almost certainly use your help – and as much or as little time as you can spare.


And finally…………of course we also need some money

We have very few expenses.

They are all connected with organising events and printing leaflets and similar. As of today out total funds are slightly less than £50 and as you will have seen above we have some ambitious plans for campaigning.


If you are already a member, or if you sign up we will send you a request for payment of your subscription – and that will include a way to make a donation.


But if you would like to make a donation without signing up just send us an email and we will get back to you very quickly!