So – How is 2021 going so far?

We are watching with horror how it is in Washington.

And we are keeping an eye how it is in the UK where many are expressing surprise at the increasing number of comments along the lines of “We didn’t realise it would affect that”. At the moment these comments are mainly in relation to the end of the transition period. But read the openDemocracy article linked below.

Many of the problems from leaving the EU were foreseen (although too often it seems that little or nothing was done to deal with them) whilst in other instances it seems clear that some of the difficulties had not been anticipated.

On 24 December, in announcing the deal with the EU Mr Johnson said  “And there will be no non-tariff barriers to trade”. Anyone involved in trade between the UK and the EU will, once they have stopped laughing, or crying, tell you that this statement is wholly untrue.

Democracy is under attack in the USA – but not only there…

Boris Johnson is no liberal
Those saying that what’s happening in the US couldn’t happen here should take a look at our prime minister’s record.

Have a look at these – and maybe support them

Grassroots for Europe coordinates, strengthens and provides a voice for grassroots pro-Remain / pro-EU campaigns in the UK and for UK citizens in the EU.

The Register Organisation is a group of volunteers building a list of those who support the longer term aim of restoring our membership of the EU.

Holding the Government to account

How are we doing so far?           Some people are keeping a tally ……

The Davis Downside Dossier Davis Downside Dossier

The Brexit Deal – A Report Card

and on a lighter note…………

The benefits of Brexit
One Irish social media correspondent came up with the list that we have all been looking for – but it is not quite what we hoped it would be.
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If you have an example (or examples) of the effects of the UK leaving the EU – good effects or bad effects – please let us know by emailing