So where does SSTIE go now?

On Saturday 11 Jan 2020 the Executive Committee of SSTIE met to discuss the “Where do we go from here?” question.

We had originally planned that we should do this before Christmas but it became increasingly clear that these decisions should not and cannot be rushed.

The Committee agreed unanimously that SSTIE should continue in being and that there were extremely important and critical things that need to be done in the coming year and in the longer term.

Exactly what these actions should be and how and when they should be taken is being discussed in groups like SSTIE all over the country, and also in national groups such as the European Movement, Best for Britain, and others.

Our view was that it is essential that all of these groups move towards acting in concerted ways – both in defining our objectives and in deciding upon our actions and activities.

There will be many meetings and consultations over the next few weeks – in particular a Grassroots for Europe Conference at Westminster Hall on Saturday 25 January, and we will need to bring the views of these groups into our own thinking and planning.

Our plan is to hold a Special General Meeting of members* on Saturday 22 February with a view to redefining the aims of SSTIE and to discussing our future activities.

We will report on this meeting shortly after it takes place.

Meanwhile, you might like to have a look at a couple of recent articles on this subject –

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With best wishes for 2020 to you all.

*anyone who is not presently a member can join SSTIE here