SSTIE Campaign in Esher 9th-11th December

We had 7 SSTIE volunteers in Dominic Raab’s constituency on 3 days of  this past week as the support for Monica Harding intensified. Will Raab be voted out ? Read the comments of those who were in Esher…

Driving through the town you would get the impression that it was a Lib Dem stronghold. The Lib Dem posters seemed to outnumber the Tory posters by ten or 15 to one.

The LibDem HQ was buzzing, with volunteers from all corners of the country, all keen to help swing what has become an extremely marginal constituency. We leafleted some fairly mixed (demographically) areas

A comment from an enthusiastic Lib Dem supporter that there may have been too much leafleting! This was reinforced by signs on doors; No More Leaflets !

Between the two of us we did about 275 drops in about 2½ hours, in drizzly weather.

We shifted several hundred newspapers, and lots of addressed letters.

Esher LD Team was very friendly and grateful for our help. We did door to door leafleting

The candidate (who we didn’t meet) looks impressive. She had Heseltine there for a public meting last night, and has been endorsed by the last but one Tory MP. She certainly has the local business community behind her – the office seems to have been given by a local entrepreneur.

We were told at the LibDem HQ that Raab’s lead had been cut down to 2 points and everyone there seemed quite enthusiastic and confident