SSTIE In Canterbury 16th November

SSTIE initiative  in Canterbury leads to 50 Volunteers turning up*

The intention of the campaign in Canterbury  was that we would take part in a door to door canvassing campaign to promote Rosie Duffield and in the event of bad weather that we would simply leaflet around houses.

Feedback from individual members of  the group of 6 who went to Canterbury is noted below on whether the campaign matched expectation, whether it worthwhile  and in the light of the experience should SSTIE continue with such campaigns in Hastings and Rye and Eastbourne.

“Yes, expectation was met. We were paired off with Labour activists and did door to door canvassing.
Yes, it was worthwhile. I never realised how many people are required. Canvassing door to door is very time consuming. The mechanics of the process mean you only speak to perhaps 6-7 people per hour. So the more hands on deck the better.
Yes, we should continue. It would be good if our next allies perhaps had with them a box or two of flyers for door to door posting, for those of us who would feel happier with that way of helping rather than canvassing which is quite daunting for some.”

I agree with all Charlie’s points. I might add that I had some long conversations with two or three people not intending to vote for Rosie Duffield, and hope that I persuaded them to at least consider doing so. Given that the vote is likely to be very tight, such conversations might make all the difference in places such as Canterbury, Eastbourne and Hastings and Rye. 

A SSTIE LD member:
“I think the student situation there is absolutely crucial. I spoke to a uni student leader who is doing a hard sell at the unis there. But will they get a postal vote if necessary? – that’s the question.
Although I wanted to avoid canvassing at houses I did end up doing that. I then found it interesting when a conversation struck up to mention that I am a LibDem and that I had come all the way from Sevenoaks to support a Labour candidate. They were impressed as I explained why and the importance of putting party politics to one side. These were undecideds so I was hoping to make a difference!”

Labour was really organised with preprinted list of which doors to knock on and on which roads. I am not sure how they chose the houses.

*Labour party organisers in Canterbury thank SSTIE for its initiative in deciding to campaign for Rosie Duffield as the idea was taken up on Friday  by PV who advertised it across their East Kent base with the result that 50 volunteers turned up to campaign.