SSTIE in Eastbourne 30th Nov 2019

SSTIE  had a team of 6 in Eastbourne on Saturday comprising , Mark H, Heather M  and Dick, Charlie, Liz and Magda.. Their task was to deliver leaflets to targeted houses and streets .The  group campaigned for somewhere between 3 -5 hours  not counting travelling time which is a magnificent  effort. 

The  Lib Dem office in Eastbourne were very welcoming. Our extra help was very important as they were behind with their leafleting campaign because of the recent poor  weather They really appreciated the effort our group had made in going to Eastbourne and  it undoubtedly gave  them a boost.

All in all the Eastbourne experience was   very positive and very worthwhile.

Some group experiences :


I met some people in their drives, outside a community centre and a post office and all were very nice and many knew the LD candidate and liked him. There was one elderly couple where the lady declared she had voted remain but since the democratic wish of the people was being ignored she won’t vote at all. 


An interesting experience, memorable not least for a massive dog hurling itself like a battering ram against the front door as I stuck my leaflet  through his master’s letterbox.

Heather and I also found that most people in Eastbourne really liked the LD candidate.

What else can be done to help Stephen Lloyd ?

Mark points out that  Eastbourne LDs  are looking for volunteers to telephone canvass this  week.

Anyone interested in doing this please contact Anne on  07484 717375.