Stop Brexit in Bournemouth – Sept 17th

Over the coming weeks, the #StopBrexit movement will be at all the major UK-wide party conferences, talking to party members and MPs, the local public and the media. At each stop there are different debates to be had and different dynamics to be built. No one UK party can stop Brexit. There needs to be new thinking and brave action inside each major party, as well as new dialogue across parties driven on by a turning tide of public awareness.

The Liberal Party Conference

The Liberal Democrat Conference is the first in the autumn party conference season – and for the Remain movement, it is a key event.

The Liberal Democrats are the only fully pro-Remain party with a parliamentary presence elected from several UK nations. Under its new leader Vince Cable, the Liberal Democrats, in their policy, are committed to seeking an exit from Brexit. For many Remainers, that sounds good. Better still of course would be working together to actually win the nation-wide argument and reach a clear decision by Parliament and people of the UK to remain in the EU.

Stop Brexit in Bournemouth – Pants to Brexit

This is a cross party rally against Brexit where all Remainers are welcome regardless of their political persuasions. The Liberal Democrats are committed to remaining a member of the EU and we have it under good authority that they will welcome our presence. Crucially there will be LOADS of media coverage and delegates, students, holiday makers, locals etc. Come help spread the love! There will be music, comedy, sun, sea, sand.. Big Pants and subversive humour! Let’s empower the people to speak out against Brexit and send a message via the media that Brexit is Pants!

The Programme

1-1.30 pm – Marchers Assemble
Assemble at Beacon Rd Car Park, Bournemouth, BH2 5DL to march down to the Pier.

1.45-2 pm – Brexit Frolics on the Beach

Gather on the beach by the pier to see Boris lookalike, Drew Galdron, recreating the infamous Boris zipwire stunt with EU and UK flags on the Pier zipwire at 2pm followed by a pop up musical event with Musician & Peter Cook & friends from the No 10 Vigil.

2.15 pm – Pants to Brexit competition – with prizes for the cheekiest and funniest Pants, so wear your Pants to Brexit!

2.30pm – The March – the Brexit ‘Pied Pipers’ lead the marches from the Pier to the Bournemouth International Centre with a series of infectious chants. We will hold a good natured demonstration outside the BIC for 30 minutes. Then march back down to the Pier, through the Lower Gardens to the Square.

4 pm – Pants to Brexit Music & Comedy Event – at Flirt Cafe Bar (FREE etry – a short walk up the hill from the Square to the Triangle).

6 pm – Panel Discussion – The Next Steps in Fighting Brexit – a serious panel discussion with high profile speakers at the Hallmark Hotel West Cliff. Free tickets via Eventbrite to follow.

8 pm – Record Launch Party at the Hallmark Hotel West Cliff with Peter Cook and a live band to launch the album Rage Against the Brexit Machine’ and the single ‘Pants to Brexit’ Purchase exclusive tickets on eventbrite:

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