Support the ‘Personal associate EU citizenship’ proposal

As you may have read, members of the European Parliament have proposed the kind of EU membership this petition asks for – one that lets UK citizens choose individually to remain part of the EU.

This is a great development, and to help it along The Pan-European have started a petition to show the amount of public support for this measure, and to ask European Parliament to approve the measure when it is debated this Spring.

If you want to see the proposed ‘personal associate EU citizenship’ happen, go sign the petition and show your support!

***UPDATE*** (15.3.2017)

Almost there! The petition just needs another 1000 signatures to reach its target of 300,000 signatures, so please add your name if you haven’t done so yet.

Also, please note that the Good Law Project based in Sevenoaks is running a petition on the same subject for submission to the UK parliament, so please sign that too:

We, Citizens of Europe