The Good Law Project needs our help

The Good Law Project is seeking to hold the Government to account by petitioning for a Judicial Review of its decisions in awarding PPE supply contracts to a number of companies. The National Audit Office has criticised the awarding of these contracts.

The Government is taking the line that the litigation started by the Good Law Project to require such a judicial review is not in the public interest.

It very much looks as if the Government is trying to force the Good Law Project to withdraw their petition by ramping up the costs that they – the Government – incur to £1 million, a level that would mean that the Good Law Project would not be able to continue because they would not be able to bear bear those excessive costs (which would have been funded by taxpayers’ money).

We have all heard of instances where large corporations (no names here) have thrown large sums of money into legal fees to force claimants to withdraw – a practice that I personally think is unacceptable.

Here, it seems, that we have the Government doing the same thing.

The letter from the Good Law Project setting out all of this is HERE.
Read it and come to you own view;
and then, as someone urged me to do, Donate; Donate; Donate