The Tide may be turning

On Saturday 7 July, the day after Theresa May produced her Brexit plan, Sevenoaks Shoppers had their say on the SSTIE Brexitometer – and it is clear that both Leavers and Remainers want a say on the final deal-see  photosSSTIE’s survey shows that 84% wanted the People to have a Vote on the final deal – and that is higher than the number of Remainers in the survey. So some Leavers also want that final say.

  • 81% of them thought that after Brexit things would be worse – 68% said much worse.
  • 19% thought that Brexit would make things better – with 22% saying that it would be much better for the NHS.

Many people are saying they’re angry about what’s happening and are opposed to Brexit.

There is less of a “let’s just get on with it” feeling as the situation becomes clearer and the promises of the leave campaign do not materialise.

Whilst in the Referendum the constituency voted Leave, Sevenoaks and the area around it voted 54% to Remain, and the results today suggest that in this area many more people would be looking either for the softest of Brexits or quite possibly even to Remain.

Why is Brexit going ahead?

Don’t let the Brexiters steal your future, and the future of your children and grandchildren.