What are the Candidate’s positions on Brexit in the 2019 Election – Tonbridge and Malling Edition

As the 2019 General Election Campaign enters its final weeks, SSTIE has tried to distill the local candidates’ statements on Brexit, to try and give a better idea of their respective positions.

This page covers Tonbridge and Malling candidates – Sevenoaks is here.

The statements are by Candidate (sorted by Candidate Surname).

April Clark: Green Party

Brexit remains a vast distraction, a huge waste of time and energy and money and resources – all of which are being poured – not into trying to improve our country and the lives of its people – but simply into trying to limit the damage of Brexit itself. Greens are the only party you can trust to stand up for remaining part of Europe and for a final say on Brexit, whilst at the same time tackling the underlying reasons why many people voted to leave.

April Clark, Green Party Candidate for Tonbridge and Malling.

Dylan Jones: Labour Party

Labours policy is to negotiate a new deal in 3 months that would protect worker’s rights and ensure we remain in the economic customs union. We would then put that deal to the people in 6 months, allowing people to vote on what Brexit actually looks like

Dylan Jones, Labour Party Candidate for Tonbridge and Malling

Richard Morris:Liberal Democrats

The one benefit from the discord of the past three and a half years is that we now know what a Brexit deal would look like. Every possible version of Brexit has been stress-tested almost to destruction and the Johnson version has emerged. Unlike in 2016, Remain can now be compared with a real Leave choice. This is why I believe there should be a further referendum

Richard Morris, Liberal Democratic Party Candidate for Tonbridge and Malling.

Tom Tugendhat: Conservative Party

Having had the privilege to represent Tonbridge, Edenbridge and Malling in Parliament since the referendum result, I have voted to leave the EU at every possible opportunity, including backing the latest deal Prime Minister Boris Johnson negotiated.

Tom Tugendhat, Conservative Party Canidate for Tonbridge and Malling.