Stop Brexit in Manchester – Oct 1st

The Conservative Party Conference in Manchester marks the end of the conference season, and as it is the conference of the party in government, it also demands the most attention.

Brexit is essentially a revolutionary ideology, and as such, it really is ideologically incompatible with conservatism, which abhors change.

If you believe that it’s time to send the Brexiteers back to the back-benches where they belong, and let some cooler heads take over, then join us on the first of October in Manchester as we march on the Conservative Party Conference to demand that Brexit is stopped!

Conference is where the party decides its policies, and politicians make new alliances.
Manchester is where the party will have to face up the reality of Brexit.
Manchester is where the power of the Brexit Bulldogs must stop.
Manchester is where Brexit must be stopped.

SSTIE will be joining the Kent Groups Coach Trip to Manchester, organised in association with Kent is Closer To EuropeCanterbury for Europe and other groups around the county.

The plan is for 2 separate coaches, and we will be updating this page when we have new info.

Please sign up  via facebook or write to us via the contact page.

For more info on the march,  please visit the official website, and donate to the crowdfunder if you can.