Tonbridge wants MPs to have the final say

SSTIE were campaigning on the streets of Tonbridge for the first time on Saturday 9th December. We had 21 volunteers over 4 hours from 10 am to 2 pm, during which time we spoke to hundreds of people and we were pleasantly surprised by how positive the overall response was.

The majority of the people we spoke to think that Brexit is a mess and that it is not what people voted for – no matter how they voted in the referendum.

While we found quite a bit of apathy, and had a few “just get out out responses”, most people agreed with the principle of a Vote on the Deal – either in parliament or by the people.

Please click the image to be taken to the petition on the European Movement website

Over a thousand leaflets were accepted by Tonbridge shoppers and we were able to collect over 114 signatures, including some from people who had voted Leave.

This was a most positive action, and the overall level of politeness and friendliness which we received gives us hope that the country is beginning to overcome the negativity and aggression that has divided us since the referendum.