What are the Candidate’s positions on Brexit in the 2019 Election – Sevenoaks and Swanley Edition.

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As the 2019 General Election Campaign enters its final weeks, SSTIE has tried to distill the local candidates’ statements on Brexit, to try and give a better idea of their respective positions.

This page covers Sevenoaks and Swanley candidates — Tonbridge and Malling is here.

The statements are by Candidate (sorted by Candidate Surname).

Seamus McCauley: Labour Party Candidate.

Responding to a letter from Laura Trott (Conservative Party candidate, see below), Seamus McCauley wrote:

It will be entirely appropriate that when the incoming Labour government puts a Brexit vote back to the people, Prime Minister Jeremy Corbyn retains his neutrality as our government brings the country back together.

The Labour Party will resolve Brexit once and for all by negotiating a fair exit deal with the EU that prioritises jobs, workers’ rights and the environment, and then putting that deal back to the voters in a confirmatory referendum.

My own pledge to campaign in the subsequent referendum in favour of remain is a matter of longstanding public record and I am proud to reiterate that intention here.

Seamus McCauley, Labour Candidate for Sevenoaks.

Laura Trott: Conservative Party Candidate.

Conservative Candidate Laura Trott has not said much yet, but in an undated letter to Seamus McCauley (Lab Party candidate, above) she made her position clear:

…I will back the great new deal that Boris Johnson has already
agreed with the EU. Britain will be out of the EU by the end of January…

Laura Trott, Conservative Candidate for Sevenoaks.

Sadly there is zero detail on what would happen next, what form of future relationship would be pursued, or what steps would be taken when the Transition Period expires at the end of that year.

Gareth Willis: Liberal Democratic Party Candidate

Gareth Willis starts his priority-list thus:

My top three priorities for the constituency are:

1) Remain in Europe – The investment that flows from the £50b Remain dividend will be vital to our community’s public services including Health and Education.

Gareth Willis, Liberal Democrat Candidate for Sevenoaks.

So this is pretty clear!

Paul Wharton: Green Party Candidate

Paul Wharton, Green Party Candidate for Sevenoaks write:

Families, friends, political parties: everyone has been put under enormous strain by the 2016 referendum and its aftermath. Nor is there an end in sight. A withdrawal treaty is only the first step towards a new relationship with our European neighbours. The wrangling will continue for years to come.

Paul Wharton, Green Party Candidate for Sevenoaks.

(The Green Party has a policy of staying in Europe).